Consists of mowing all turf areas on an average of every seven days during the main growing season. Mowing, power edging, string trimming, cleaning off sidewalks and removal of the grass clippings will be included. During the early Spring and late Fall, lawns will be checked and mowed only as needed.



We admire lush green lawns and plants as well as flowers in bloom. To look their best plants need adequate nutrients and generally in the right proportions. Lawns usually need morefertilizer, especially nitrogen. Flowers need phosphorus. Newly planted shrubs also need to be fertilized.


Our leaf removal services are designed to quickly and efficiently rid your residential or commercial property of unwanted leaves. Our lawn care team as the tools and equipment to eliminate fallen leaves so that you don't have to spend hours raking or struggling with your unwieldy leaf blower.



When your trees and shrubs are properly and regularly cared for, it increases their overall health, reduces the potential for failure, brings them to their full aesthetic value, and increases your property value. Call Aspen Lawn Care fora free estimate on your residential or commercial job.

Lawn thatching removes some of the above ground stems and stolons that naturally develop over time. Dethatching removes excessvegetation to rejuvenate the lawn. We dethatchthe lawn with a special machine specificallydesigned for this task. Call for a free estimate on our detaching service.